Welfare offer bet365 bonus code australia_Welfare offer bodog bonus code feb 2019_login bonus sporting bet bonus code https://www.google.com//fbe/ Celebrating Films of the 1960s & 1970s en Serendipity 1.5.2 - http://www.s9y.org/ Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:20:43 GMT /fbe/templates/default/img/s9y_banner_small.png RSS: Cinema Retro - Submissions - Celebrating Films of the 1960s & 1970s https://www.google.com//fbe/ 100 21 INFORMATION ABOUT SUBMITTING ARTICLES TO CINEMA RETRO https://www.google.com//fbe/index.php?/archives/1552-INFORMATION-ABOUT-SUBMITTING-ARTICLES-TO-CINEMA-RETRO.html Submissions /fbe/index.php?/archives/1552-INFORMATION-ABOUT-SUBMITTING-ARTICLES-TO-CINEMA-RETRO.html#comments /fbe/wfwcomment.php?cid=1552 0 /fbe/rss.php?version=2.0&type=comments&cid=1552 nospam@example.com (Cinema Retro) <p>Cinema Retro's website and magazine content exists primarily due to articles and interviews generously donated by qualified writers. Although Cinema Retro does not pay for articles, both our magazine and website offer unique showcases for writers to gain exposure. Our site and magazine are widely read by top names in the film industry and we can guarantee that over a period of time, hundreds of thousands of readers will view your published articles. Cinema Retro presents an opportunity for writers to utilize their exposure on our pages to their advantage. Numerous writers have received book contracts due to the articles that have run on our web site and in our magazine and many others have been featured in prominent media outlets. <br /> </p><p>We try to stay within the realm of articles and interviews pertaining to classic films of the 1960 and 1970s, though we often make excptions if there is a compelling reason. We accept opinion pieces on more contemporary topics such as general comments on the overall state of the film industry. We generally avoid pieces about contemporary actors and filmmakers, except as they might somehow pertain to their association with classic movies. We are not interested in fiction or fan pieces such as &quot;why so-and-so&quot; is my favorite actor. As you can tell from our site, we generally like to approach articles with a sarcastic sense of humor. We tend to stay away from dry, scholarly analysis of actors and films. The writer should have an extensive knowledge of the proposed topic. Although photos are appreciated, they are not necessary as we have a large archive that can generally provide images for the articles. </p><p>As we receive an often overwhelming number of submissions, we strongly suggest you send an E mail query to <a href="mailto:cinemaretro@hotmail.com">cinemaretro@hotmail.com</a> before sending any completed articles. Although the material presented on our site falls under the copyright protection laws to prevent use in other media outlets, the writer retains ownership of the article and is free to use it again as he/she pleases. We only request that the writer not submit the article to another media outlet for at least six months. </p><p>Our magazine is published three times a year, and we generally have very long lead times. Thus, if you want to see your article in print quickly, the web site would be the most appropriate outlet. Authors who submit accepted articles will be able to use the website to promote their own books and site through hyper-links. We will also run a banner ad for an author's web site in our widely-read links section. Additionally, Cinema Retro will insure that we stock an writer's book in our Amazon Book Store with a link to the specific title. Should your query be met with a positive response, we will be happy to send you a sample copy of our magazine. </p><p>For any additional inquiries, please E mail :<a href="mailto:cinemaretro@hotmail.com">cinemaretro@hotmail.com</a></p><br /><p> </p> Sat, 24 Feb 2007 21:48:00 +0000 /fbe/index.php?/archives/1552-guid.html http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/